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Kornelia = karolien severins : jewelry designer and jewelry maker at kornelia jewelry. On this site you'll find all links to the handmade artisan jewelry webshop and to the you tube and other social media sites to find out more about how kornelia jewelry is made! Kornelia jewelry is a Belgian jewelry brand an is inspired by nature, animals, botanical details,... Also check out the Art Effect Prints ecofriendly and fair trade collection of matching outfits, a small family business karolien runs together with her husband. Kornelia staat voor handgemaakte Belgische trouwringen en andere juwelen / sieraden ontworpen en gemaakt door juweelontwerpster en goudsmid / zilversmid karolien severins die haar ambacht uitoefent in haar juwelen atelier te mechelen. Via deze site vind je alle links naar de verschillende social media kanalen en kom je meer te weten over hoe de juwelen gemaakt worden.
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schelp halsketting kornelia Kornelia-snowdrop earrings Tulpen oorbellen juwelen kornelia Kornelia-droplet earrings Silver snowdrop by Kornelia schelp hanger kornelia juwelen zilveren veertje oorbellen kornelia juwelen
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jewelry, jewelry collection, jewelry design, juwelen, kornelia, mother nature, natural jewelry collection, sieraden
Over dit project

Organic shapes, flowers, sea shells, berries, twigs, leafs, feathers,… Mother Nature is beautifull!

I often use natural elements and shapes as an inspiration to create new pieces of jewelry.

And sometimes I even just copy something natural, because I couldn’t make it more perfect than it already is.


“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished” – Lao Tzu